Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello friends!

This weekend was pretty nice.  On Saturday, I did a little maternity shoot with Nick and Brittany which was a total blast.  Shortly after I had written that post on wanting to become more serious about Photography, Brittany had contacted me and asked me to take some pictures of her and her husband.  So that was really cool!  I'm trying to collect some of my old photos from my old laptop to put together for a real website soon.  This was my first maternity shoot and it was a great experience!  As soon as I got home from the shoot I got to work on editing, which is something I enjoy as much as shooting.  It was definitely interesting a pregnant lady shooting another pregnant lady!  I wasn't as agile as I usually can be during photo shoots but we made it work.  :)

On Sunday, Israel and I went to church and the Young Married's Sunday school class (still not super sure about this class, will elaborate on that another time maybe).  Afterwards, we were debating on where to eat lunch and I was craving Mexican.  If you know Israel, you can guess his initial reaction to Mexican food-- he's not a fan.  He claims it's way too spicy (Cubans have a strong dislike of all things spicy and all things Mexican food).  But my delightful husband took one for the team and made the greatest sacrifice of all by taking me to Cielito Lindo's.  Israel got the chicken fajitas and he actually ended up liking them a lot.  See, love?  Being adventurous sometimes is a good thing.  ;)

Lately, I've been having even more food aversions than ever.  I'm always hungry but nothing sounds good.  Even chicken is starting to get a little old.  Subway or a good sandwich usually always does the trick.  I've been having a hard time getting in my daily protein because of all my food aversions (don't even talk about eggs around me) so lately I've been drinking lots of protein shakes.  I really hope I will like some of my old favorite foods again once the baby is born and my eating can get back to normal.  

The little lady has been quite active ever since we've been able to feel her little kicks outside the belly!  She's most active in the mornings and about an hour before I go to bed.  We love watching her little punches and kicks on my stomach.  We even put some headphones on my belly the other night to play her a little music.  She responded pretty well to Michael Buble and Pitbull.  She is half Cuban after all!  ;)  Just last night I kept feeling her move on the way right side of my stomach.  I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and she was just kicking away!  Her little kicks felt so hard on the side they scared me a little!  Right now, she's measuring about 12 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half!  


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! Elena, those pictures are so gorgeous. It doesn't hurt that the subjects themselves are gorgeous, but, really, good job.

    Um, I get to see you in 3 WEEKS!!!!! EEE :)

  2. Thanks, lady! :) And I knooooowah! Can't wait!!!