Wednesday, February 8, 2012

28 weeks

I am finally in the third and final trimester!!!

This week has been about being even more tired, breathlessness, backaches, constipation, a more intense appetite and a ton more trips to the bathroom.  Little Girl is now almost 16 inches long and could weigh about 2.5 pounds!  This is the trimester when she (and I) will really start packing on the pounds.  She's also starting to hiccup (although I'm not quite sure if I've actually felt that yet) and practice breathing.  

I will start seeing my doctor every two weeks instead of once a month from here on out.  One thing I'm not excited about is the dreaded glucose test I'm going in to do on Friday morning.  It tests for gestational diabetes and to do this, you have to drink a very concentrated sugar drink (with 50 grams of sugar- yikes!) and they take your blood afterwards to see how your insulin levels respond.  My doctor said I shouldn't eat or drink anything before the test, and I'm dreading the nauseousness afterwards.  If I don't pass this test, I have to go back in to do a more intense test where they test your blood over a period of three hours.  Hopefully I will pass!  

I'm getting excited for several things coming up in the next couple of months:

-our first childbirth class which will be this weekend
-two baby showers, one in March and the other in April (just a few weeks before my due date!!)
-having Renae in town for one of my showers and she will also be taking our maternity pictures next month

I can't believe we're going to meet our little girl in a little over two and a half months!  Although I'm anxious to meet her and shower her with kisses and cuddles, I think it definitely became more real to me this week how much our lives are going to change.  I'm excited and nervous and scared all at the same time.  

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  1. It was incredible to get to see you, Elena. You seriously look great right now- totally beautiful. I hope you feel that way :) How exciting that your childbirth class is coming up! And I'm looking forward to seeing Renae's photos of you two. I really enjoy getting to kind of follow you as your pregnancy progresses- thank goodness for the internet/ blogs! See you in a few months- tell baby girl to wait for me!!