Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day date with my mom

I spent almost the whole day with my mom yesterday and we had the best time!  It was beautiful outside (68, I think?) so it really felt like Spring.  It was magical.  We spent the afternoon in Lawrence, grabbing lunch at Milton's, browsing around a few stores-including Wild Man Vintage (love that place!) and explored Oakland on our way home.  We were driving by a Mexican grocery store and my mom spontaneously asked me if I wanted to get out and look, and I shouted, "Let's go in!"  We giggled like little girls while parking the car and got just a few stares walking around the tiny store.  We tried finding guava paste but had no such luck.  I'll have to look up more Hispanic markets around Topeka.  It was a lovely adventure day with my mom.  She is the most fun to hang out with.  :)


  1. Elena, those pictures are so joyful and wonderful (I can't believe how much more pregnant you look now than you did two weeks ago!! Don't let that baby burst out before I'm back, please). I'm glad you had some quality time with your mom. And, I've driven past those Oakland markets so many times, wanting to stop. But I never do. You have inspired me (that and the canned guavas!!) Love you.

  2. Thank you, friend! I was going to say, when you get back we should have an adventure in Oakland.... but then I realized I either will have JUST given birth or maybe just about to. If it's the latter, we may have an opportunity. ;) And uh yeah.... she's definitely going through a little growth spurt now. I gained like 3 or 4 pounds just last week! Love you too.

  3. glad you have your ma there and that you can do fun things like that together! I miss wild man sooooooo much!! and the Goodwill!!! PS PLEAAAASSSSSSSSS go to the Silent Film Fest this weeked for me! I am dying a little inside that I am not there and don't get to go!! SAD FACE!!!