Monday, February 13, 2012

Glucose Screening Test

On Friday morning, I went in to take my glucose screening test at the hospital.  I had been dreading this for a few months but I knew once I entered the third trimester this would not be far away.  They're testing to see if you have developed gestational diabetes during your pregnancy which isn't all that common but does happen and can be a serious issue.  Many places have different ways of testing for this, but most hospitals will make you come in and drink something with 50 grams of sugar in it and will test your blood levels an hour later to see how you respond.

My OB had instructed me to fast from midnight until the morning, so I came in with an empty stomach and was already not feeling too great (depriving a pregnant lady of her food is just cruel).  I was surprised to learn that at St. Francis, instead of the typical one hour, they would draw my blood for two hours, once each hour.  The first thing they did when I went back into the lab was take my blood to see what my fasting level was.  They're looking for a number anywhere between 80-120 and mine was an 88.  After the tech was satisfied with my number (good job me?), I was given the choice between lemon lime or orange.  Having never been a huge fan of orange sodas, I went with the lemon lime.  The tech said I only had five minutes to drink it (about a 10 ounce cup) and I downed it pretty fast, more so to just get it over with.  By far, this was the nastiest thing I've ever had to drink.  It did taste like lemon lime, yes-- but also with a splash of bitter grapes.  It was so sweet it actually burned my throat.

They told me to come back an hour later, so I went to the cafeteria to try and read the book I brought with me.  Not long after I sat down and attempted to read, I was just overcome with nausea.  I couldn't focus on anything, let alone the words on the page, so I just watched people and tried not to think about how horrible I felt.  I've always had a sensitive stomach and I just knew I wouldn't be able to handle this well.  I came back when the hour was up, had more blood drawn, and wandered into the waiting room to wait for the next hour to go by.  This was when I really started to feel miserable.  I began to sweat and tried to concentrate on just not throwing up-- that had been my whole goal for the day.  About twenty minutes before the second hour was up, I barely made it into the restroom before I threw up about three times.  As soon as that was out of my body, I felt instant relief.  Even Baby Girl started moving around more once that stuff was gone.  I felt horrible for having to put her through that, too.  :(

I went back to the lab when the hour was up and told them I had just gotten sick, but they couldn't take my blood again because that would have affected my levels.  They told me to call my doctor and see if I would have to do the same test again.

I felt awful, weak and extremely sick and hearing that, just made me feel worse.  I didn't want to have to go through that again, knowing I would probably just get sick again.  I went home and researched some different alternatives to the test and was getting prepared to have to fight for those alternatives if it was needed.  After talking to Israel on his lunch break, I crashed in our bed for a couple hours.  Even though I did feel better after some rest and saltines, I just felt off the rest of the day.  I swore off any form of sugar and wanted nothing to do with it that day.

After getting lots of rest that night and drinking a ton of water, I felt much better on Saturday.  I just heard from my doctor earlier today and received some good news!  Since my levels looked pretty good from the first two blood draws (even though I couldn't complete the test), I won't have to do it again.  I am so relieved to hear that, and it gives me more respect for my OB seeing that she's a reasonable lady.