Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yesterday I filled up with gas and wasted $5.  I selected "Unleaded" and without me even doing anything, the pump started spraying like crazy everywhere on the ground.  It took me about $5 to get it to turn it off and gasoline started pooling around my feet.  I just put a little bit in the car after that and almost slipped on the gasoline getting back inside the car.  My biggest fear about being pregnant in the winter was slipping and falling on the ice but since we had barely any ice this winter, it would have just been sad if I had slipped and fallen on spilt gasoline!

It was such a lovely temperature outside, so I grabbed the Chinese meal I bought the night before at Dillon's and ate lunch on our porch swing-- that is, until I spotted two or three huge bees nearby.  And then I ran inside.  My aunt Naomi and my mom came over for a little coffee date in the afternoon and we had the best time just eating chocolate mousse and catching up.  She's going to Turkey in May and I am so jealous that she's going to see the Haggia Sophia!  

Israel and I went to another baby class last night at the hospital.  Although the class wasn't all that helpful, we did get to watch a super creepy swaddling/shhing video by the Happiest Baby on the Block. I still don't understand why we were the only ones in the class who were creeped out by the man hosting the video.  It really was like watching an SNL parody video.  You should check it out.  ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012


I take back what I said in my previous entry about the baby being up in my ribs business-- she's currently got a foot wedged up there and I'm finding it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit in.  I've been trying to coax her into another area, but I can't imagine she has much more room in there!  Only one more month, Baby Girl.

This weekend Israel and I spent some time in Lawrence as a mini "babymoon." Sort of a last getaway as just Israel and Elena before our little girl's arrival and our little twosome will change to a family of three.  Despite being 35 weeks pregnant and carrying around a 5+ pound baby inside of me, we really had the best time.  

We walked around Mass Street for most of Saturday and spent over an hour just in the Antique Mall.  I loved looking at all the vintage toys and dresses.  Israel even found Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' LP for only $3!  Now we just need to buy a record player.  In the afternoon, we caught the matinee showing of "The Artist" at Liberty Hall (which was actually my first time ever going to see a movie there-- strange for as long as I've lived in Topeka!).  I've been wanting to see this film for so long and I'm so glad we were able to, because we both really, really LOVED it!  Loved it.  Oh my, so good.  I'm really glad they did so well at the Oscars, too.  It was magical and lovely and I really want to see it again or buy it.  

Browsed through many good books at Dusty Bookshelf, dinner at Zen Zero followed by ice cream at Silas and Mattie's.  By 8:30, we were both ready to go back to the hotel and relax.  It was a wonderful weekend with my love.

And now, I MUST eat.  Baby Sanchez is rolling around like crazy!  Happy Monday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Notes from the Week

- Baby Girl is currently making my belly very lopsided.  She's been sticking what I think is her back or possibly her little bottom up right under my ribs.  It's not painful, but it does often surprise me when I'm driving and she'll move suddenly.

-I'm now 35 weeks pregnant.  That really is like the magical number where I feel like a ticking time bomb, and my nesting instincts have definitely kicked in.  Today I bought some Dreft, picked out new fabric for the curtains in the nursery with my mom, washed some of Baby Girl's clothes (I felt like I was picking out clothes for a doll- soooo cute and tiny), assembled the Pack-n-Play and Space Saver (a huge proud moment for this almost 9 month pregnant lady).

-My stomach feels rock hard all over.  It's now mostly baby and I can usually feel her tiny bones sticking out.

-My appetite has increased a lot this week!  I went to a few garage sales with my mom yesterday and had two different "hunger moments," when I thought I might pass out if I didn't eat something immediately.  Heart burn has gotten worse, too, and I find it gets really bad if I haven't eaten in a couple hours.  The hunger starts, the heart burn rises to my throat, and I just have to eat something fast!  I feel like a monster.

-Our rice cooker has been having issues for a while now.  It likes to flip the switch from "cook" to "warm" by itself halfway through cooking, so you either have to hold down the cook button or find something else.... but this is what happens when you're married to the resourceful Cuban:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

34 weeks

This is technically a 33 week shot, shhh!  :)  It's from our maternity session with Renae.  

Baby Sanchez is the size of a durian fruit, which I had never heard of until this week, but it looks like this:

Let's just hope she doesn't come out with spikes all over her!  According to most sites, she weighs between 4-5 pounds and is anywhere from 17-19 inches long.  She's almost to her birth weight!  Israel and I made little bets on what she's going to weigh and how long she will be.  I'm betting on 6 pounds, 12 ounces and Israel's going for 7 pounds and 7 ounces.  We both think she may be about 19.5 inches long (we're both shorties).  Any other guesses or predictions?  :)

This week I started noticing the stretch marks.  I have been faithful in rubbing cocoa butter every night since the first trimester, but those little things seem to pop up no matter what you do to prevent them.  It's hard not to feel vain and wish them away.  I'm trying to view them more as battle scars and the fact that I will have housed a human being inside of me for nine and a half months.  

I've felt fewer big kicks and punches, and more body rolls, wiggles, and body parts sticking out.  It really is the strangest thing to look down and feel the tiny bones of a hand or foot protruding from my body.  I have a very short torso, so I'm sure the poor little lady is feeling pretty cramped in there.

This week has been pretty uncomfortable for me.  It was also the first time I said to Israel tonight, "I think I'm ready for my body to be my own again."  I've had a lot of nausea the past few days and it's hard to know what to eat a lot of times because nothing sounds good.  Don't get me wrong, I love being able to be the one carrying a new life inside of me and being able to witness such a wonderful miracle.  But I'm ready to not have to go to the bathroom every half hour, to enjoy eating my previous favorite foods again, to not feel nauseous, to not have such horrible back aches every day, and to not have to struggle so much just to roll over to my other side in bed.  

We really are in the final stretch though (no pun intended, heh heh).  Only 6 more weeks.  And only 3 more weeks until I'm full term!  As much as I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, I'm also hoping she'll stay in there as long as possible until she's fully cooked and ready to go.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Visit from my Sister + First Baby Shower

It was a lovely, fun and very busy weekend!  My older sister Renae came down from Indiana for a couple days for my shower which was on Saturday.  We had a great time catching up and spending lots of time with her and the rest of my family.  A few friends gathered together to celebrate SeƱorita Sanchez's arrival and made the most delicious treats for the day!  It was a great time with some great ladies.  We've had such beautiful weather all weekend and today!  I'm so glad it allowed us to go out for a little maternity shoot with Renae.  Some pictures from the weekend:

I got to meet Miss Esli, Brittany's daughter, at the shower for the first time and she is so precious and dear.  As I mentioned in my 32 week update, I have been feeling so anxious and scared lately and just feeling like I'm not prepared yet to be a mother.  It was near the end of my shower and I hadn't held Esli yet, but when Brittany put her in my arms, my heart just melted.  She kept looking up at me with her big blue eyes and soon fell asleep in my arms.  I couldn't get over how tiny she was at a month old!  It was in that moment that I thought for the first time, "Okay, I can do this.  We can do this.  We're going to be okay." I can only imagine the amount of love I'm going to feel for my own daughter when I meet her face-to-face for the first time.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sneak peak

Yesterday morning, I did something I haven't done in months:  I made oatmeal.  I used to eat this almost every day last summer and I looked forward to it every morning.  However, shortly after I found out I was pregnant, it no longer appealed to me.  I even tried making it one morning in the woes of morning sickness and couldn't even finish my bowl.  My food aversions change almost every day, and yesterday it just sounded good.  This time, instead of my typical method of making it (involving cinnamon, almond milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt and agave), I made it with chocolate milk from Iwig, peanut butter, sour cream, and bananas.  It was delicious.

Israel and I moved into our new home on Saturday morning and we've been busy getting everything organized.  You really don't realize how much stuff you have until you move and have to unpack everything again!  Patty and my mom came over the other day to help me get the kitchen organized, and we unpacked all the boxes in about an hour!  It's soooo nice to feel settled again!  

My favorite window of our new house

Another favorite feature... can't wait for spring and cool summer nights.

Prenatal vitamins have really taken a toll on my hair!  Post-haircut + new color

More pictures of the house to come soon!  I'm off to my brunch date with Miss Mara.  :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

32 weeks

As of yesterday, I am now 32 weeks!  Only 8 more to go.  Baby is now the size of a squash, weighing around 3.5 to 4 pounds and measuring from 16.5 to 17 inches.  She has toenails, fingernails, real hair and her skin is becoming soft and smooth and losing that transparent look as she gains more weight.  

Definitely feeling more uncomfortable now when I'm trying to find a good reading position in bed that doesn't kill my back.  Also, I'm having to lean my seat back in our car a bit further which makes it difficult since my legs are so short, but my belly so big!  I'm definitely feeling the extra weight lately.  I walked about thirty minutes the other day around the neighborhood and was passed by an old lady!  My walk has turned more into a waddle.  

At a recent doctor's visit, my OB told me my hemoglobin levels are a little low so she started me on an iron supplement.  I was really scared that because I was already having problems with constipation this would make it even worse, but so far it hasn't been toooo bad (fingers crossed!).  I have noticed that I do have more energy during the day and don't feel like such a walking zombie anymore.  

I think once I hit the 30 week mark, that's when I started feeling like "Whoa!  There really isn't a lot of time left."  And I started to panic.  Especially because at that point we hadn't found another place to live, and I knew we wanted to move into our own place sometime before the baby came.  The Lord totally provided the right place for us at the perfect time (more on that later), and we're picking up the keys to our little bungalow tonight.  And we're moving tomorrow!  

I have a lot of fears that I'm dealing with as a first time mom, mostly feeling unprepared and worried about finances, and how on earth do I care take of another little person?!  It's a huge responsibility to have another person totally dependent on you for survival.  And having the dynamic in our family change from two to three is going to require a lot of flexibility and adjusting.  In the beginning, the birth seemed so far off that I didn't dwell on these fears too much, but now that it's less than two months away (and a fear that she's going to come early), things are getting real. 

 I know that God's timing is absolutely perfect and He wouldn't have blessed us with our daughter if it weren't the right time (as surprised as we were).  I know that I already have this indescribable love for our little girl that I'm sure will grow a million times once we finally meet face-to-face.  So that's that.  

I'm really excited for Renae's visit next weekend for my shower and she will also be shooting our maternity pictures.  It's fun to have her and Bekah so excited about being aunts.  

A highlight this week was Israel being able to feel the baby move just a bit more.  We had just laid down in bed ready to go to sleep when she began her nightly gymnastic routine.  Her movements have been much more powerful lately, so I placed Israel's hand on my stomach and said, "Feel this!"  He said his heart jumped a beat when he actually felt a little hand or foot poking out and giving him a "high five."    She really is a little miracle.