Friday, March 2, 2012

32 weeks

As of yesterday, I am now 32 weeks!  Only 8 more to go.  Baby is now the size of a squash, weighing around 3.5 to 4 pounds and measuring from 16.5 to 17 inches.  She has toenails, fingernails, real hair and her skin is becoming soft and smooth and losing that transparent look as she gains more weight.  

Definitely feeling more uncomfortable now when I'm trying to find a good reading position in bed that doesn't kill my back.  Also, I'm having to lean my seat back in our car a bit further which makes it difficult since my legs are so short, but my belly so big!  I'm definitely feeling the extra weight lately.  I walked about thirty minutes the other day around the neighborhood and was passed by an old lady!  My walk has turned more into a waddle.  

At a recent doctor's visit, my OB told me my hemoglobin levels are a little low so she started me on an iron supplement.  I was really scared that because I was already having problems with constipation this would make it even worse, but so far it hasn't been toooo bad (fingers crossed!).  I have noticed that I do have more energy during the day and don't feel like such a walking zombie anymore.  

I think once I hit the 30 week mark, that's when I started feeling like "Whoa!  There really isn't a lot of time left."  And I started to panic.  Especially because at that point we hadn't found another place to live, and I knew we wanted to move into our own place sometime before the baby came.  The Lord totally provided the right place for us at the perfect time (more on that later), and we're picking up the keys to our little bungalow tonight.  And we're moving tomorrow!  

I have a lot of fears that I'm dealing with as a first time mom, mostly feeling unprepared and worried about finances, and how on earth do I care take of another little person?!  It's a huge responsibility to have another person totally dependent on you for survival.  And having the dynamic in our family change from two to three is going to require a lot of flexibility and adjusting.  In the beginning, the birth seemed so far off that I didn't dwell on these fears too much, but now that it's less than two months away (and a fear that she's going to come early), things are getting real. 

 I know that God's timing is absolutely perfect and He wouldn't have blessed us with our daughter if it weren't the right time (as surprised as we were).  I know that I already have this indescribable love for our little girl that I'm sure will grow a million times once we finally meet face-to-face.  So that's that.  

I'm really excited for Renae's visit next weekend for my shower and she will also be shooting our maternity pictures.  It's fun to have her and Bekah so excited about being aunts.  

A highlight this week was Israel being able to feel the baby move just a bit more.  We had just laid down in bed ready to go to sleep when she began her nightly gymnastic routine.  Her movements have been much more powerful lately, so I placed Israel's hand on my stomach and said, "Feel this!"  He said his heart jumped a beat when he actually felt a little hand or foot poking out and giving him a "high five."    She really is a little miracle.  


  1. Oh Elena!!!, you look great!!!.
    Only 8 more weeks to go, but this will go slow, very slow so be patient!!.
    You´re very pretty and you haven´t put on so much weight.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Love from Spain

  2. Oh thank you so much, Marialuisa!! :) I feel like it's been going fast but the more uncomfortable I'm getting, I'm seeing that it's slowing down a bit. ;)

  3. :) Lena, loved loved reading this. Thanks for your vulnerability with your fears. I know how to be praying for you and Isra. You're right about God's timing with giving you this little one. He will continue to provide for you all. AND YES- SO STINKIN EXCITED ABOUT BEING AN AUNT!!! You will be a precious mother LeAnn - you are such a compassionate person. What an opportunity God is giving you. :) Love you!! See you soon!!

  4. Mi amor! God is good! Although we both will be new at parenting, we will be guided by the Father of us all, the Ultimate Parent. We are in great hands! So whenever I start to freak out, as it is natural, I remember that and I remember all that God has done already and the freaking out is gone! :)

    I love you!

  5. I think these are my favorite pictures. :) You look amazing in royal blue!