Monday, March 26, 2012


I take back what I said in my previous entry about the baby being up in my ribs business-- she's currently got a foot wedged up there and I'm finding it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit in.  I've been trying to coax her into another area, but I can't imagine she has much more room in there!  Only one more month, Baby Girl.

This weekend Israel and I spent some time in Lawrence as a mini "babymoon." Sort of a last getaway as just Israel and Elena before our little girl's arrival and our little twosome will change to a family of three.  Despite being 35 weeks pregnant and carrying around a 5+ pound baby inside of me, we really had the best time.  

We walked around Mass Street for most of Saturday and spent over an hour just in the Antique Mall.  I loved looking at all the vintage toys and dresses.  Israel even found Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' LP for only $3!  Now we just need to buy a record player.  In the afternoon, we caught the matinee showing of "The Artist" at Liberty Hall (which was actually my first time ever going to see a movie there-- strange for as long as I've lived in Topeka!).  I've been wanting to see this film for so long and I'm so glad we were able to, because we both really, really LOVED it!  Loved it.  Oh my, so good.  I'm really glad they did so well at the Oscars, too.  It was magical and lovely and I really want to see it again or buy it.  

Browsed through many good books at Dusty Bookshelf, dinner at Zen Zero followed by ice cream at Silas and Mattie's.  By 8:30, we were both ready to go back to the hotel and relax.  It was a wonderful weekend with my love.

And now, I MUST eat.  Baby Sanchez is rolling around like crazy!  Happy Monday!


  1. It really was a wonderful time, my love! :) Dinner at Zen Zero was pretty fantastic. I want to go to there! ;)

    And yes, The Artist is a pretty amazing movie. We shall see it again and buy it!

  2. It was! We'll have to recreate some Thai dishes at home now. :)