Friday, March 23, 2012

Notes from the Week

- Baby Girl is currently making my belly very lopsided.  She's been sticking what I think is her back or possibly her little bottom up right under my ribs.  It's not painful, but it does often surprise me when I'm driving and she'll move suddenly.

-I'm now 35 weeks pregnant.  That really is like the magical number where I feel like a ticking time bomb, and my nesting instincts have definitely kicked in.  Today I bought some Dreft, picked out new fabric for the curtains in the nursery with my mom, washed some of Baby Girl's clothes (I felt like I was picking out clothes for a doll- soooo cute and tiny), assembled the Pack-n-Play and Space Saver (a huge proud moment for this almost 9 month pregnant lady).

-My stomach feels rock hard all over.  It's now mostly baby and I can usually feel her tiny bones sticking out.

-My appetite has increased a lot this week!  I went to a few garage sales with my mom yesterday and had two different "hunger moments," when I thought I might pass out if I didn't eat something immediately.  Heart burn has gotten worse, too, and I find it gets really bad if I haven't eaten in a couple hours.  The hunger starts, the heart burn rises to my throat, and I just have to eat something fast!  I feel like a monster.

-Our rice cooker has been having issues for a while now.  It likes to flip the switch from "cook" to "warm" by itself halfway through cooking, so you either have to hold down the cook button or find something else.... but this is what happens when you're married to the resourceful Cuban:


  1. You have almost ready now!
    She wants to come out, that´s why she moves so much...and think she has no space down there.

  2. The ice cream scooper solution is GENIUS!!! Give my props to Israel!