Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Baby Shower + Hospital Practice Run

On Sunday, several wonderful ladies from church threw me a baby shower.  There were cookies and lots of other delicious treats, and a whole lot of gifts!  Israel and I were truly overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  This little baby now has more clothes than I do and she's not even born yet!  A lot of women went in on group gifts and gave us a crib, changing pad, crib mattress and some lovely handmade burp cloths.  I'm feeling a lot more prepared now that we have some of the essential items for Baby Girl (I almost wrote her name!).  

Israel and my dad came later and enjoyed some refreshments.  We transported everything back to our house and soon left for TBC that evening to hear Pastor Jim speak about news events in Israel (the country, not my husband).  We were there for a couple of hours and the whole time I had a lot of back pain and sharp pains "down there" that only lasted for a second, but definitely took my breath away (this wasn't unusual since I had been experiencing these for the last few days, but I was concerned by how often they were occurring).  

When Israel and I got home, I was busy unpacking and putting things away in the nursery when I felt a sudden leakage.  Again, this wasn't too unusual because, TMI or not, that happens a lot when you're pregnant.  However, this just felt different.  I went to the bathroom and discovered that I was actually bleeding.  Immediately that alarmed me because everyone always warns you to contact the hospital if you have any bleeding at all because that can be a pretty serious issue.  I told Israel about it right away and we called the hospital.  When I described the situation, the nurse told me to go straight to Labor and Delivery.  

I tried not to panic or to cry, but we were both definitely quite scared.  I thought, Was I going into labor?  Should we pack my hospital bag?  Our car seat isn't even installed yet!  Is there something seriously wrong with the baby?  I noticed that I hadn't felt the baby move very much in the last couple of hours and that started a lot of worries.  Israel led us in a quick prayer before we left for the hospital and immediately the Lord acknowledged that concern and I felt little rolls and wiggles again.  This little baby girl loves hearing her daddy's voice.  :)  Since it was after hours we had to go through the E.R. and waited for about half an hour before a nurse came down to get me.  I told her that I was bleeding so she wheeled me in a wheelchair all the way up to Labor and Delivery.  I was taken to a room, changed into a gown, urinated in a cup and laid down on the bed waiting for another nurse to see me.  

The baby and I were both hooked up to a monitor and I was told to keep track of the baby's movements. I felt so much relief when I heard her heart beating steadily.  The nurse also checked to see how far dilated I was, which if you're not familiar with how this works, it is very, VERY uncomfortable!  Oh my word.  I was dilated at 1 centimeter and not very effaced yet.  The nurse looked at the monitor and said that I had been having contractions since I got there.  This baffled me because I could barely feel them!  She went and talked to the doctor on call to see what he thought was going on.  After drinking some water and waiting with Israel, the nurse came back and told me that they thought the bleeding was caused by my dilating.  Those sharp pains I had been feeling were actually ligaments being stretched in my pelvis to prepare for birth, and sometimes that can break a blood vessel or two.  

We were so relieved to hear that it wasn't anything serious or wrong with the baby, and I was sent home shortly.  Since it had been a super busy weekend and I was on my feet a lot (and probably just did way more than I should have), they told me to take it easy on Monday and just relax.  I was happy to oblige.  It was a scary night, and things got more real, but I'm just so thankful to God that our sweet baby is okay! It really made me appreciate the fact that I've had such a healthy pregnancy with no complications.  I thought the absolute worst when all of this started happening, and I simply can't imagine life without our precious little girl anymore.  I definitely don't take for granted that birth is such an incredible miracle.  


  1. That was sweet!!!.
    I´m sorry to hear about your bleeding and glad to read everything is okay now and back to normal. If you think you suffered for your baby girl, you will soon know what it is real and inconditional love and what it´s to really suffer, God, the moment you have your baby in your arms you think "I thought I loved her already", but it´s just that moment when you fell the really mother´s love. you can´t explain until you go through it. GOOD LUCK for the last days. Keep us informed. Besos

  2. God is good mi amor! I can't wait to see our little baby girl too (and I almost wrote her name on here too). She'll be gorgeous, just like you!

  3. Oh dear pal.....I am so glad that the two of you little ladies are doing alright!! Praise the LORD!!!! but for reals how scary! I am soooo thankful that you have a Goddly husband who will/did turn to the Lord in a crazy, bad situation. Thanks for taking good care of my friend Israel! We are praying for you three! all our love!

  4. Marialuisa, gracias para tus palabras dulces!! :) I really can't wait to meet our little girl, I know I'm just going to melt when I see her little face.

  5. Love, thank you! :) And God really is good. I think it's pretty amazing He already has all her days and years planned. :)

  6. Rachel, thanks, pal! We both appreciate your prayers as the time draws closer and closer. I feel pretty blessed to have such a Godly man supporting me and our family. :) Love you, friend!

  7. Wow, friend! That hospital run sounds rather frightening. I'm so glad everything's okay. I'm also glad that you and Israel feel more ready than ever to welcome your baby into your world. I can't wait to see what great parents you two turn out to be.