Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Things About Our House

I'm still getting used the sounds in our house.  Have you noticed that every house has its own unique sounds? Our house was built in 1926, so it is rather old, and therefore makes some rather interesting ones.  The floor creaks everywhere but probably the strangest sound for me is the fridge making a noise every few hours that sounds like aliens are trapped inside.

I was told that the previous tenant worked nights and slept during the day, so she changed the bedroom walls from turquoise to a light brown and installed shades and very dark curtains.  I never thought I would be one to sleep with a nightlight, but after stumbling around in the dark a few too many times for middle of the night bathroom runs, it became necessary.  

We live next door to Alfred Hitchcock.  For real!  I was sitting at the dining room table one morning with the curtain open and noticed an Alfred lookalike dressed oh so casually in shorts and a polo walking down the street.  It is now my mission to somehow get a picture of him.  

We laid down last night to go to sleep around 11:30.  And I lay there until 5 this morning, totally awake.  I blame my insomnia on taking a Benadryl and getting in a really good nap a little too late in the day.  I finally got out of bed and moved to the living room where I snacked on cheese crackers and read blogs.  My husband came out to see what on earth I was doing as he heard me leave the room.  I told him to try going back to sleep because I was just crazy, but I kept hearing his sounds for about an hour and I missed him.  I crept back to bed around 6, and fell asleep with my arm around him.  I love that man so very much.


  1. I love You very much. It was a very sweet and perfect ending to that crazy/night morning. And I still haven't seen Hitchcock's face. Just saw his profile and the resemblance was uncanny!

  2. :) My love! You are too sweet to me. I've now spotted Hitchcock about 5 times and each time I'm more convinced that he really did find the fountain of youth and never really died.