Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seasonal candy

The day after Easter is the day that Russell Stover's seasonal candy goes to sleep until October.  I love being able to walk into Walgreen's any time I need a little chocolate "fix" and pick up a caramel-filled egg or tree, whatever is available for only 50 cents each.  From October to April, it's quite a magical time of year.  

My mom used to buy the seasonal candy and my sisters and I always knew where her secret stash was (although now it has changed!).  Once, we even left a whole bag of Russell Stover's strawberry chocolate hearts on the floor and our dog Minnie had no problem eating the entire bag!  She was a tough thing and didn't seemed phased at all.  

Last night, Israel and I were sitting around and I realized that this candy would soon be leaving for several months, so I told him we have to go stock up immediately before it's all gone!  

We made a trip to our local Walgreen's, and Israel laughed at me as I grabbed at least eight or ten chocolate eggs.  The best thing about buying them now is that they are half price!  We giggled as I carried all of them up to the counter and paid for them, and tried not to look too embarrassed.  I'm sure I fit the stereotype well as a pregnant lady with a huge pregnant belly buying all this chocolate.  

I'm going to try and make them last at least a few days!  ;)


  1. I LOVE the way your mind works!! "Israel, wait... we need to go buy chocolate, like, now." Too funny.

  2. Psh, I'm not pregnant, but I'm glad I'm not the only person who has to stock up on half priced post holiday candy! ;o) Completely off topic, but I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls and thinking of you!

  3. Tricia, haha! It was totally necessary. Who knows how long that stuff is going to be around? And now it's all really gone. :(

    Erin, oh I totally did this before I got pregnant, too! Oh Gilmore Girls... I never get tired of that show. I just rewatched the second season a couple weeks ago and remembered how good the early seasons are.