Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waiting for Baby

Well, I'm still pregnant.  My due date came and went and then the day after that, too.... Looks like the little lady has already inherited my knack for being late for everything.  The most exciting thing that happened on Thursday was losing my mucus plug (TMI?).  I hope that means it won't be too much longer!  Maybe she just really wants to be a May baby.  Some things I've gotten done in the mean time, waiting for Baby:

-Daily walks around the park (I only last about 20 minutes before I start having dilating pains and have to waddle back home)

- Deep cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, which hasn't been done since we moved in almost two months ago... gross.  My sweet husband offered to clean it this weekend but I got bored and didn't want to sit still anymore.  It felt sooooo good to get this done!

- Cleaned out the fridge and got rid of some really old leftovers and all expired or close to expired items.  This has been on the to-do list for quite some time and has been nagging me for days.  A huge accomplishment before Baby comes!!

- Swept all the floors

- Finished reading the Hunger Game series... Team Peeta all the way.  

- Cleared up some space on my laptop for the insane amount of pictures I'll be sure to take of Baby Sanchez

- Extra naps

- Numerous episodes of Gilmore Girls

- Eaten several mini Milky Way candies Israel brought home from work....

I've been having so many Braxton Hicks that I've just stopped timing contractions since I've had so many false alarms.  I'm afraid I won't know I'm in real labor when it actually happens.  This weekend I haven't wanted to go anywhere, I just feel like staying home.  I'm a moody and impatient very pregnant lady who just wants to hold her baby!  Hopefully, Baby Girl will decide to come soon...


  1. I think you have the nesting instinct right now which means little Baby Girl will come soon! Your nest will be clean and uncluttered- ready for a brand new occupant. Can't wait to meet her!!

  2. The day I went into labour, I cleaned my kitchen thoroughly...when I told that to my mother, she told me...ok, this is it, the time has come, when you show that activity specially want to clean everything, it´s because the baby is coming.
    That night, my second child, Carlos was born.
    I´m sure by the time we´re answering you, you´re in labour already.

  3. Definitely have the nesting instinct... but no baby yet.