Thursday, June 14, 2012

It really does get easier...

Hello, darlings!  It's been quite a while since I updated the old blog.  I spend my days with this tiny person, who keeps her mama very busy:

I actually started this post a week ago, if that tells you how busy I am... We're at six weeks now since Ellie was born, and things have just started to feel a bit easier.  Ellie likes to be held almost 24/7 so it's a challenge sometimes to get things done around here.  Thankfully, she is slowly becoming a bit more independent and has just now started enjoying being in her swing by herself for thirty minutes at a time or so.  I think she is going through a growth spurt right now, because she has been so sleepy the last couple of days.  Last night she slept for five hours straight!  When I was pregnant, I really questioned whether you could actually function on only a couple hours of sleep a night, but now having gone through it, it definitely is possible.  I feel amazing if I can get four or five hours of sleep a night.

Bedtime is the most stressful part of the day for me.  If all goes according to plan, I nurse her one last time at 11 or 11:30 for almost an hour and when she's done, I let her fall asleep on me.  I'll have her there until she's in her deep sleep, usually about thirty or forty minutes.  And then it's time to swaddle her up!  I can tell if she's really in her deep sleep when she lets me move her arms in a swaddle without even fighting me.  I rock her a bit and then I cover her little ears as we slowly make our way across the creaky floor to the bedroom where I place her in the Rock-n-Play next to my side of the bed.  I turn on her little white noise machine and set it to Ocean or Rain and she's usually out for four or five hours.  But all of those things have to be in place before we can set her down or else she will wake up ten minutes later.  It really is a science we have learned!

I had my six week postpartum appointment yesterday with my OB and got the go ahead to start exercising!  I've lost most of the baby weight now but I really want to get back in shape.  I've missed exercising and I'm really excited to start working out and riding my bike again!

Ellie has started smiling a little bit more each day and it just melts my heart.  Earlier this week, I had spent the whole night trying to get her to sleep and after a nursing session, I just looked at her and she gave me the biggest smile.  It made me forget about how sleep deprived I was and just filled my heart with love for my little girl.  She really is precious.

She's still eating about every two hours for almost an hour at a time, which can be exhausting and makes me feel sort of like a milk maid.  I don't do much during the day since nursing Ellie is pretty much all I have time for.  The hour that she's not eating I spend burping and changing her, and trying to get her to take a nap.  I have started watching tons of TV because with hour-long nursing sessions, there's really not a lot to do.  Some recent shows I've loved are Downton Abbey and Sherlock.  I also rewatched the entire series of Parenthood because I love it so.

I've tried pumping a couple different times because I'm sure it would make getting out of the house a bit easier, but due to some complications, I have to take a break from it.  On Saturday, I wanted to get out for a little bit so I went grocery shopping.  Israel texted me twenty minutes later to tell me that Ellie was screaming bloody murder and was clearly hungry.  So, I'm at a loss for how to go out into the world for much longer than an hour or two.  I'm hoping soon that Ellie will start eating every three hours or so.  I know that this is just a stage right now and things will get easier in a couple months so I try to keep that mindset and realize that this won't last forever.  I want to just savor this sweet time with Ellie and cuddle with her as much as I can until she's too big to sit on my lap anymore.  Being a mom really is a full-time job, but it's the best job.


  1. She's beautiful, Elena. Enjoy every moment; they grow up so fast!

  2. So great to hear about you and little Ellie. You sound like such a great mom. I'm continually amazed when I read your written thoughts; it's such a huge job, but like you say, an incredible one. She already looks so much older, no? So cool. Miss your whole family!

  3. She´s just I´m sure you feel you´re a much better look gorgeous too.
    Love from Spain

  4. Thank you, Kathy! I'm trying to savor these sweet sleep-deprived moments :)

    Tricia, thank you so much! She looks soooo much older! Even since I took that picture of her, her little head has grown and she's almost out of her newborn clothes! Miss you, lady!!

    Marialuisa, thank you! That's very sweet of you. It definitely is getting easier, day by day.