Tuesday, July 16, 2013

summer update

Well, hello blog!  It's been a little while, huh?

This summer has been so busy!  I've been super busy with different photo shoots every week, and we just got back from a vacation to Colorado with my parents.  I turned 26 in Colorado, and had a great time celebrating with my family there.  

It's been great for business having so many shoots, but I'm ready for things to slow down a little bit in the Fall.  I edit like a crazy woman during nap time and after Ellie goes to bed in the evenings.  

Other than that, not too much else has been going on with me.  Ellie, on the other hand, is growing and changing so fast!  Can't believe she's already 14 months.  

Yeah, that was fun to clean up!  ;)

She's learning new words every day, and imitates every thing we do right now.  If you ask her where her baby, ball or water is, she will look around the house and go get it.  It's pretty amazing!  Here's a list of the words she's saying, and in parentheses is the way Ellie says it:

1.  cheese (shish) - she will say this if she really just wants cheese, or for any other kind of food
2.  shoes (shish) - have to go by the context on those two ;)
3.  baby (baby)
4.  ball (bah)
5.  hi (hi)
6.  dog (dah)
7.  cracker (acka)
8.  banana (nana) - her FAVORITE food!  
9.  thank you (tank ooh)

She sleeps 10-12 hours every night straight, although lately she's been waking up in the middle of the night again screaming because of some molars coming in. :(  She varies between taking 1 or 2 naps a day.  Kind of that awkward transition and some days it's just hit or miss.  

She loves going to the park!  This was taken at the park near our house, which is right across the street! Ellie loves climbing the stairs and going down the slide with Mommy holding her.  She's been walking for over two months and is quite a good little walker.  She's starting to run more lately, especially if she grabs something she knows she's not supposed to have!  Cheeky little thing.  :)

We took Ellie to the zoo for the first time last month (Israel's first time, too).  So much fun!  She really liked watching the lemurs the most, because they were jumping all over the place.

Aaaaand, here's my baby petting a little alligator.  Its snout is taped shut while they take them out to show people, but Ellie put her hand right by his mouth at one point.  Frightening for this mama!  The girl has no fear!

I'll try to update more frequently and will try to do another post soon!  

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