I'm Elena and I'm glad you stumbled upon Apple Pie & Pastelitos.

I'm a Kansas girl through and through, born and raised in Topeka.  I love fields of wild flowers, huge sunsets, wide and vast landscapes, friendly people, traveling, long conversations adventures and discovering abandoned houses.

I graduated two years ago with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, and am still figuring out how to use that degree.  ;)  I love Photography, particularly candid portraits and landscapes, and hopefully will be able to use that passion in a future job.

I met the love of my life and now husband right here in the blogosphere through my other blog.  We were two complete strangers until brought together through the "Jesus" link on our profiles.  In the span of a year, we met in person, got engaged a month later and were married in September of 2010.

I followed my husband to Miami right after we our wedding.  After spending a little over a year there,  we were delighted to learn about our unexpected blessing when I found out we were going to be parents.  We just moved back to the city I grew up in and I couldn't be happier to be closer to my family and friends.  I'm enjoying being back in Kansas and will be using this blog to talk about American culture and Cuban culture, sharing recipes, documenting married life and experiencing the joys of soon-to-be-motherhood.

Thanks for reading!

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